2014 Nollau Institute Holds Final Retreat

A close-knit group of 11 people from a variety of CHHSM agencies formed the Nollau Leadership Institute’s 2014 class.

The group spent a year together in intensive conversation and reflection, as well as retreats, lectures and meetings. Their time together ended on Dec. 11 with their consecration as CHHSM Diakonal Ministers at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. But their work has just begun.

The faculty this year was Bryan Sickbert, former president and CEO of CHHSM, Peggy Mullan, former CEO of Beatitudes, and Danielle Bartz, program associate for CHHSM. While the class was small due to retreats being held on the West Coast, the group formed deep and meaningful relationships with one another.

In his homily during the consecration service, Sickbert said: “My greatest hope for all of you is that somehow, in Nollau, you have at least glimpsed God’s call to embrace the power of your fragility and the courage to be the wearers of red capes, humbly and skillfully transforming your places of ministry ‘for a time such as this.’ Friends, you are the light of the world … let your light so shine that others may see your faith and hope, and give glory to God.”

The 2014 CHHSM Diakonal Ministers are Michelle Just, Denise Carter, David Waltemeyer, Randy Yost, Viki Battaglia, Jennifer Staley, Elisa Mongeluzzi, Stephanie Franklin, Hannah Campbell-Gustafson, Stephen Boyd and Beth Long-Higgins.

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