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Reproductive Justice

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“Reproductive Justice merges reproductive rights and social justice and it does so through a human rights framework. Reproductive Justice goes beyond considerations of biological reproduction and includes racial justice, LGBTQ liberation, economic justice, disability justice, immigrant justice, criminal justice, environmental justice, food justice, and housing justice.

The term “reproductive justice” was coined in 1994 by Black women in order to center the experiences and needs of Black women. Because the mainstream white-led pro-choice movement did not meet the needs and lived experiences of women of color, Black women created their own space and movement. Adopting human rights, social justice and reproductive rights tenets, these women created a transformational and grassroots-based movement and framework. While the term was officially coined in 1994, women of color, including indigenous women, and LGBTQ individuals, particularly trans women, have been leading the struggle for reproductive equality and liberation for centuries.” —Queering Reproductive Justice: A Mini Toolkit

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