Annual Report 2019

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President and Board Chair Welcome

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present the 2019 Annual Report, Making a Difference Together.

With the Board’s leadership in 2019, the CHHSM team and our dedicated volunteers were able to achieve a number of significant accomplishments and major initiatives.  Here are some examples of how we are Making a Difference Together:

This makes a difference because the Annual Gathering and the additions to membership are critical contributors and participants to the impact we make in the world when we come together!

  • We continued our tradition of leadership formation as we convened another wonderful class of the Nollau Leadership Institute.
  • We were able to take Nollau to You out to the community in one day retreats on 8 separate occasions.
  • We supported our membership with Legacy Fund scholarships totaling more than $17,000.

This makes a difference because our ongoing commitment to serving leadership formation and development is what positions us to remain a relevant community that comes together to create a caring world!

This makes a difference because these actions are important parts of, and reminders of, the vision of creating a just world for all!

In addition to these headlines, we made a number of operational and governance changes that make a difference by allowing us to function in a more nimble and efficient manner.  With all of these very significant investments in our shared ministry, CHHSM still had a nice surplus in operations at year end and a very significant increase in net assets through its holdings at United Church Funds and The Cornerstone Fund.

All of this is making a difference because together these actions help us to realize the vision statement we hold dear to our hearts that together we create a just, caring and compassionate world.

With Gratitude,

Michael J. Readinger

President and Chief Executive Officer

Council for Health and Human Services, UCC

David Waltemeyer

Chair, Board of Directors


Forming Leaders

In 2019, CHHSM's leadership formation services continued to thrive. The flagship programs are:

170 individuals participated in eight separate Nollau To You sessions, with an additional 14 people comprising the 2019 class of the Nollau Leadership Institute.

Orion Family Services Benefits from Nollau Leadership Institute

"Nollau is an adult education leadership program; however, it goes beyond that. It examines the larger question of what it takes to be a leader with faith as the foundation for work and leadership."

Nollau To You Introduces ‘Serving Leadership’ to Larger Audience

"CHHSM held seminars for Unleashing Potential, and for the UCC Northwest Ohio Association, which CHHSM members, conference and association staff, and local church pastors attended."

Essence L. Ellis Named CHHSM’s Rev. Jerry Paul Scholar

We are thrilled to welcome Essence to the CHHSM family,” said President and CEO Michael Readinger. “Her sense of call to public health ministry coupled with her strong sense of justice is a perfect fit..."

Spotlight on Service

In 2019, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Served 2,861,601 individuals including: 11,184 children; 9,861 youth; 10,078 families; 29,188 older adults; 4,407 veterans; and provided community-based ambulatory health care to over 2.2 million people
  • Operated 33,873 residential units including: 17,932 affordable housing units; 10,005 independent living units; and 3,517 assisted living units

Advocating for Justice

From sponsoring a General Synod resolution on the opioid crisis to hiring Elyse Berry as Associate for Advocacy and Leadership Development, advocacy remained a top priority for CHHSM in 2019.

Visitors to the CHHSM website will find several resources and informational articles to develop their understanding of these important causes:

CHHSM Resolution Concerning Opioid Epidemic Approved

"Delegates to the United Church of the Christ’s Thirty-Second General Synod, meeting in Milwaukee, Wis., approved a resolution recognizing opioid addiction as a health epidemic."

CHHSM Joins UCC Effort to Abolish Medical Debt

"Supporting UCC efforts to relieve thousands of low-income families of medical debt, CHHSM instituted a matching gift of $15,000. All of CHHSM's 74 corporate members contributed."

Advocate Aurora Health to Invest $50 million in Communities

"Advocate Aurora Health announced a commitment to invest $50 million to help address economic, racial and environmental disparities that impact community health outcomes."

Spotlight on Service

In 2019, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Operated facilities with 13,111 beds providing acute, skilled nursing, and memory care
  • Cared for 29,348 children in residential and non-residential programs
  • Provided residential and non-residential services to over 350 people with developmental disabilities

Embodying Love

CHHSM member ministries continue to lead the way in responding to the UCC’s 3 Great Loves initiative. The initiative champions  Love of NeighborLove of Children, and Love of Creation.

Three Great Loves is part of a denomination-wide effort that is about engaging the UCC to take action and to show the impact of individual ministries, and the UCC, working together as one church, with one voice and one vision – a vision of A Just World for All.

Organizations Partner to Open New Free Clinic Location

"The Salam Clinic, which was formed through a partnership that includes CHHSM-member Deaconess Nurse Ministry, provides free medical care services to adults without health insurance."

Uplands Village ‘Goes Wild’ in Caring for Environment

"Focusing on Love of Creation isn’t something Uplands residents started when the UCC kicked off its 3 Great Loves emphasis. The community's eco-justice efforts go back to the 1980s."

Bethany Children’s Home Helps Migrant Families Reunite

"Thanks to a three-year grant from the federal government, Bethany Children’s Home has begun “Helping Hands,” a program to help migrant children and youth reunite with their families in the U.S."

Spotlight on Service

In 2019, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Provided 451,459 hours of volunteer service
  • Provided $1 billion for uncompensated and charity care
  • Received $61 million in charitable contributions

2019 Social Accountability Report

At CHHSM, we look at social accountability as part of our mission and as a means of showing our ministries in action. We seek to build bridges with our members, our partners, our constituents and all those we encounter in our passion-driven ministry of health and human services. We accomplish this through volunteerism, through pro bono consultations by CHHSM staff and board, through contributions, donations and scholarships, and by using capital resources to support our member ministries. And we do all of this with a lens towards the 3 Great Loves initiative of the United Church of Christ.

Total Social Accountability Impact: $204,000

The social accountability impact of CHHSM as an organization can be quantified in dollars but our collective engagement with the wider Church is measured in a more meaningful way when we look at how we have built bridges to local Churches, Associations, Conferences, the National setting of the UCC and all our ministry partners.

Spotlight on Service

In 2019, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Expended $13.6 billion for operations with revenues of $14.3 billion
  • Maintained capital assets with a replacement value of $15 billion
  • Employed 89,644 people

2019 Financials

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2019 Revenue by Category

2019 Expenses by Category