President and Board Chair Welcome

We are pleased to present the 2018 CHHSM Annual Report, Together in Ministry.

We trust that you will feel the dynamic and vital presence of our member ministries every time you see them working together, sharing resources, inspiring others and realizing their vision of service. CHHSM’s connection to the United Church of Christ and the Wider Church is evident every time our member ministries come together. Whether it is at the CHHSM Annual Gathering, regional affinity group meetings, Conference annual meetings or Association and local Church meetings, the presence of the health and human service part of our Church is robust and meaningful.

The innovative and profound ways in which care is provided, the resourceful and sustainable nature of business operations, and the global nature of mission and vision remain fundamental to our work. You will see real-life examples in the photographs and stories that follow. You will be reassured that this ministry will continue to grow as you review the financial data. And, you will be motivated to join us when you think about ways that you too can make a difference in this world.

2018 represented another year of stable and sustainable financial performance--A year of thoughtful and strategic change in the structures and business models necessary for us to do our work. And a year of progression and new ideas in offering scalable and localized access to leadership development programs.

CHHSM’s core values drive our beliefs and actions. Courage, Stewardship, Serving Leadership, Covenant and Inclusion guide our collaborative ministry as we work together toward our vision of creating a just, caring and compassionate world.

We invite you to review this report and to discover the various expressions of the Church, which are historical in origin, progressive in their ability to heal, and faithful in their commitment to the millions of clients, residents and patients served.

Michael J. Readinger
President and Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Ken Daniel

The Rev. Kenneth Daniel
Chair, Board of Directors

Forming Leaders

The Class of 2018 Nollau Students on their first retreat.

In 2018, CHHSM's leadership formation services continued to thrive. The flagship programs are:

295 individuals across 6 member ministries participated in Nollau To You with an additional 15 people comprising the 2018 class of the Nollau Leadership Institute.

Nollau To You Participants Discover Serving Leadership

“You really mean this vision, mission and values stuff. We really walk the talk!” summarizes what Rev. Kenneth Daniel heard from United Church Homes staff as they finished Nollau To You training seminars.

Nollau Participants Find Perspectives Changed Through Classmates

Nollau Institute classmates come from a variety of health and human service backgrounds, and different faith experiences. Often the variety of career and life experiences changes long-held beliefs or understandings.

Scholar Program Thrives, Helps Form Career Choices for Recipients

 “When I came into the first CHHSM events I attended, I felt a new dimension to my call to ministry. I am feeling thankful for my vocation being formed in this time as a CHHSM Scholar,” Emily Howard, the 2018 CHHSM Scholar, said.

Spotlight on Service

In 2018, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Served 5,179,619 individuals including: 10,640 children; 9,414 youth; 8,383 families; 24,940 older adults; 3,911 veterans; and provided community-based ambulatory health care to over 5 million people
  • Operated 36,980 residential units including: 19,682 affordable housing units; 9,158 independent living units; and 3,237 assisted living units

Reflections on Serving Leadership

Students of the CHHSM's Nollau Leadership Institute share personal reflections on Serving Leadership. Featuring Emily Howard, A. Wayne Burton, Jessica Meyer and Tomi Cimarosti.

Driving Change

Advocacy-focused programming brought important topics to the forefront at the 2018 CHHSM Annual Gathering.

From sponsoring a resolution on the opioid crisis to raising awareness that gun violence is a public health emergency, advocacy remained a top priority for CHHSM in 2018.

Visitors to the CHHSM website will find several resources and informational articles to develop their understanding of these important causes:

Annual Gathering on Advocacy a Success in Attendance, Programming

“The incredible hospitality of all of the St. Louis-area CHHSM members helped create an atmosphere of excitement and a desire to learn how we can increase our advocacy efforts,” said Michael Readinger.

CHHSM Creates Gun Violence Advocacy Tool Kit

CHHSM released an advocacy communique on the effects of gun violence. The communique, sent to CHHSM member ministers, included a Gun Violence Advocacy Toolkit.

CHHSM to Sponsor Resolution on Opioid Crisis at General Synod

CHHSM announced its sponsorship of a resolution on the opioid crisis at the UCC's 2019 General Synod. The resolution addresses access to treatment and the actions of pharmaceutical companies.

Spotlight on Service

In 2018, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Operated facilities with 12,600 beds providing acute, skilled nursing, and memory care
  • Cared for 67,800 children in residential and non-residential programs
  • Provided residential and non-residential services to over 1,200 people with developmental disabilities

Reflections on Serving Leadership

Students of CHHSM's Nollau Leadership Program share personal reflections on Serving Leadership. Featuring Andrea Asselmeier, Mary Whiting, Linda Dailey and William Meert.

Embodying Love

CHHSM member ministries embody the 3 Great Loves in everyday acts of kindness.

CHHSM member ministries continue to lead the way in responding to the UCC’s 3 Great Loves initiative. The initiative champions  Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation.

Three Great Loves is part of a denomination-wide effort that is about engaging the UCC to take action and to show the impact of individual ministries, and the UCC, working together as one church, with one voice and one vision – a vision of A Just World for All.

UCHS Practices Love of Neighbor in Response to Hurricane Florence

 In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, CHHSM member United Church Homes and Services quickly organized efforts within its communities in response to an all-church call for 500 Emergency Clean-up Buckets.

CHHSM Member Ministries Called to Love Neighbor, Children

In keeping with the UCC's 3 Great Loves initiative, CHHSM's child, youth and family service ministries often are on the front lines in providing support and care to migrant and immigrant persons

CHHSM Agencies Team Up for Special Christmas Giving Project

As far back as anyone can remember, Pilgrim Manor has run a special giving tree project each December. But choosing nearby UCOM as the beneficiary has given the project special meaning.

Spotlight on Service

In 2018, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Provided 347,891 hours of volunteer service
  • Provided $887 million in uncompensated and charity care
  • Received $51 million in charitable contributions

Reflections on Serving Leadership

Students of CHHSM's Nollau Leadership Program share personal reflections on Serving Leadership. Featuring Kristin Monks, Greg Watson, Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick and Fern Kanitz.

2018 Social Accountability Report

At CHHSM, we look at social accountability as part of our mission and as a means of showing our ministries in action. We seek to build bridges with our members, our partners, our constituents and all those we encounter in our passion-driven ministry of health and human services. We accomplish this through volunteerism, through pro bono consultations by CHHSM staff and board, through contributions, donations and scholarships, and by using capital resources to support our member ministries. And we do all of this with a lens towards the 3 Great Loves initiative of the United Church of Christ.

CHHSM Board and Staff are actively supporting other ministries across the nation with their time, talents and treasures.

CHHSM Board and Staff regularly provide complimentary consultations to other member ministries, their peer organizations and all settings of the wider Church.

CHHSM Board and Staff regularly provide complimentary consultations to other member ministries, their peer organizations and all settings of the wider Church.

Social Accountability Impact:


The social accountability impact of CHHSM as an organization can be quantified in dollars but our collective engagement with the wider Church is measured in a more meaningful way when we look at how we have built bridges to local Churches, Associations, Conferences, the National setting of the UCC and all our ministry partners.


Spotlight on Service

In 2018, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Expended $6.2 billion for operations with revenues of $6.7 billion
  • Maintained capital assets with a replacement value of $8.9 billion
  • Employed 59,987 people

Reflections on Serving Leadership

Students of CHHSM's Nollau Leadership Program share personal reflections on Serving Leadership. Featuring Kenney Washington, See See Young and Kathy Houston.

2018 Financials

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2018 Revenue by Category

2018 Expenses by Category