President and Board Chair Welcome

Dear CHHSM Friends,

We are pleased to present the 2017 CHHSM Annual Report, Ministry in Action.

It is our hope that you will feel the dynamic and vital presence of our member ministries in the life of the United Church of Christ as you read the report, view the photographs and explore the data. CHHSM’s connection to the Three Great Loves initiative of the UCC is evident in the work of membership. The innovative and meaningful ways in which care is provided, the resourceful and sustainable nature of business operations, and the global nature of mission and vision are at the core of the values that guide our work.

2017 was a year of continued stable and sustainable financial performance. A year of thoughtful and strategic planning. A year of continuity and fresh perspective in staffing. A year of innovation in leadership development.

We invite you to review this report and to discover the various expressions of the strategic plan launched by the CHHSM Board of Directors and staff at the end of 2017. Experience the focus on membership engagement and connecting all of our UCC-related constituents through meetings, gatherings, story-telling, advocacy initiatives and sharing of resources.

During our Value Proposition work, you expressed the importance of Bold Vision, Shared Values and Inspired Leaders. These themes represent what goes into our shared ministry of working together to create a just, caring and compassionate world.

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger
President and Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Ken Daniel

The Rev. Kenneth Daniel
Chair, Board of Directors

Forming Leaders

In 2017, CHHSM expanded its leadership formation services to include Nollau To You

While the Nollau Leadership Institute remains CHHSM’s signature leadership development program, Nollau To You  provides member ministries with an opportunity to engage their employees in a discussion about the key components of servant leadership.

More than 125 individuals across three member ministries participated in Nollau To You with an additional 20 comprising the 2017 class of the Nollau Leadership Institute.

Nollau To You: Bringing Servant Leadership to CHHSM-Member Ministries

“We adjusted a year’s worth of curriculum into a one-day primer on servant leadership, core values, and organizational analysis and change theories,” said Rev. Danielle Bartz."

Survey Results Affirm Member Ministries Benefit from
Nollau To You

UCC Servant Leadership Explored through Nollau To You and Diakonal Minister Retreat

CHHSM held two servant leadership events during the first week of December 2017. Both events represented ongoing work to teach and nurture servant leaders across CHHSM member ministries.

Spotlight on Service

In 2017, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Served 5,165,111 individuals including: 3,683 children; 5,804 youth; 6,077 families; 19,639 older adults; 2,620 veterans; and provided community-based ambulatory health care to over 5 million people
  • Operated 36,980 residential units including: 19,682 affordable housing units; 9,284 independent living units; and 3,005 assisted living units

Driving Change

From raising awareness that gun violence is a public health emergency to combating legislative assaults against Medicaid, CHHSM furthered its role as an advocacy organization in 2017.

Visitors to the CHHSM website will find several resources and informational articles to develop their understanding of these important causes:

UCC General Synod Overwhelmingly Passes CHHSM-Sponsored Resolution on Gun Violence

Delegates to the UCC's 31st General Synod passed a Resolution of Witness calling for research into gun violence and declaring gun violence a public health emergency.

Social Media Brings Awareness to Gun Violence Public Health Crisis

CHHSM Publishes Resource Toolkit for Advocates Combating Threats to Medicaid

In response to legislative challenges facing Medicaid, CHHSM released a toolkit to help advocates communicate easily and effectively with elected representatives.

Spotlight on Service

In 2017, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Operated facilities with 12,515 beds providing acute, skilled nursing, and memory care
  • Cared for 60,568 children in residential and non-residential programs
  • Provided residential and non-residential services to over 1,200 people with developmental disabilities

Embodying Love

In November 2017, CHHSM issued an invitation to its member ministries, asking them to be a partner in the UCC’s 3 Great Loves initiative. The initiative champions  Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation.

Three Great Loves is part of a denomination-wide effort that is about engaging the UCC to take action and to show the impact of individual ministries, and the UCC, working together as one church, with one voice and one vision – a vision of A Just World for All.

CHHSM promotes UCC's Three Great Loves Initiative to Member Ministries

"While there are many things we all love, this is the time where we are called to set aside personal needs and political differences and give something meaningful back to the world before us."

Member Ministries Embody 3 Great Loves through Action, Service

CHHSM-Member Embrace Living Communities Responds to Three Great Loves Initiative

"The overarching mission of this initiative is to show the world that these 3 Great Loves can change the world in a positive way. We are proud of the small part we are doing to make the world a more caring place."

Spotlight on Service

In 2017, CHHSM Member Ministries...

  • Provided 229,546 hours of volunteer service
  • Provided $882 million for uncompensated and charity care
  • Received $52 million in charitable contributions

2017 Social Accountability Report

At CHHSM, we look at social accountability as part of our mission and as a means of showing our ministries in action. We seek to build bridges with our members, our partners, our constituents and all those we encounter in our passion-driven ministry of health and human services. We accomplish this through volunteerism, through pro bono consultations by CHHSM staff and board, through contributions, donations and scholarships, and by using capital resources to support our member ministries. And we do all of this with a lens towards the Three Great Loves initiative of the United Church of Christ.

CHHSM Board and Staff are actively supporting other ministries across the nation with their time, talents and treasures.

CHHSM Board and Staff regularly provide complimentary consultations to other member ministries, their peer organizations and all settings of the wider Church.

CHHSM Board and Staff regularly provide complimentary consultations to other member ministries, their peer organizations and all settings of the wider Church.

Social Accountability Impact:


The social accountability impact of CHHSM as an organization can be quantified in dollars but our collective engagement with the wider Church is measured in a more meaningful way when we look at how we have built bridges to local Churches, Associations, Conferences, the National setting of the UCC and all our ministry partners.


2017 Financials

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