Servant Leadership

Michelle JustA servant leader is most passionate about the people with whom they serve and cultivates an environment that empowers and inspires individuals to play a significant role in the enhancement of an organization’s mission and the greater community.

Michelle Just
President and CEO, Beatitudes Campus, Phoenix, Ariz.

No task is more important to CHHSM than the formation of servant leaders. Our mission is fundamentally about calling and supporting leaders whose work is to advance the healing, service and advocacy ministries of the church of Jesus Christ.

We emphasize servant leadership through educational programs, affinity groups and consulting services.

Within CHHSM, our servant leadership work is characterized by three touchstones:

  • We cultivate integrated servant leaders – leaders that clearly connect professional excellence with faith-based purpose.
  • We believe that integrated leadership is fostered through leadership formation, a process of learning that situates skill development within a larger framework of lifelong vocational discernment.
  • We understand that leadership formation requires an intentional community of mutual support. In CHHSM we find kindred spirits who share our vocation.

The Nollau Institute, a yearlong program of leadership formation for up to 20 participants, is CHHSM’s signature leadership development program. The institute prepares leaders for consecration as Diakonal Ministers, a vocation characterized by servant leadership.