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Summer Reading »

July 26, 2013

In July and August, students in CHHSM’s Nollau Institute are writing and discussing online and in video conferences reviews of leadership books that our faculties have recommended over the years. The practice of sharing book reviews is an effective way to leverage learning for everyone through a learning community, or in current academic parlance, a community of practice.


No One Terms Out! »

June 27, 2013

Recently I conducted a survey of CHHSM CEOs asking how long they had held their current positions. Thirty-four or about 50 percent of CHHSM executives have been in their role for more than 10 years. Of that group, 17 have served for more than 15 years. This cohort of leaders represents a powerful pool of historical memory and management savvy.


Included, Indeed! »

May 30, 2013

In less than a month, the 29th biennial General Synod of the United Church of Christ will convene in Long Beach, Calif. Much of this issue of Diakonie is devoted to sharing the ways in which CHHSM will be present at the Synod. Because this is CHHSM’s 75th anniversary year, we are making a special effort to the tell the CHHSM story to some 700 delegates and more than 2,000 visitors who will attend.


Who Exactly Do You Work For Now? »

April 29, 2013

“Who exactly do you work for now?” That is a question I have gotten a lot in the last four months. Friends and family, trying to keep tabs on me and my ministry, want to make sure what I am doing is meaningful and something which brings me joy. I assure them I could not be happier serving some of the most amazing ministries I have ever encountered.


The Party's Over »

March 29, 2013

After months of planning on the part of the CHHSM staff, board and the 75th anniversary committee, CHHSM’s 75th birthday celebration is over. To be honest, I had been looking forward to the conclusion of this event. It seemed that I had very few moments when the details of our 75th anniversary gathering were not dominating my thoughts. I wanted to get it behind me.


Remembering »

February 27, 2013

In the Nollau Institute, we use a self-assessment tool called the Clifton Strengths Finder. Strengths Finder uses 34 themes or areas of intrinsic strength and, through an online instrument, identifies a person’s top five strengths. My number-two strength is that I am quite futuristic, meaning that I am inspired by the future and what could be. I spend a great deal of mental energy envisioning possibilities. Sounds great; just what you want in a leader. But every strength has a shadow side.