The Rev. Bryan Sickbert »

December 16, 2014

"The servant leader prefers nothing to the art of caring for others and seeks to practice self-forgetfulness in all things."


Michael Readinger »

November 17, 2014

"Servant leadership is found at the intersection of profession, vocation, passion and mission. When you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a place where all of these are aligned, you have found your call to ministry and you are able to lead a purpose-driven life."


Hugh Meyers »

October 12, 2014

"As a servant leader, I believe in providing leadership and direction; seeking, finding, and recognizing talent; listening for and making use of great ideas; then mixing and baking at 350 degrees and waiting for the tasty cake!"


Stephanie Franklin »

September 14, 2014

"Servant leaders listen with a genuine heart and mind, including everyone in their ministry's journey. They recognize and value everyone's contribution, both big and small, while guiding and encouraging them to be their personal best for the greater good of their ministry, community and humanity."


Catherine Kane »

July 31, 2014

“Effective servant leaders are those who quietly go about the business of forging consensus through balancing attention to the thoughts and ideas of others, while maintaining focus on the mission, vision and values of an organization.  Regardless of your role, I believe everyone has the ability to be a servant leader through the example they set.”



Christopher Marlin-Warfield »

June 30, 2014

"To me, servant leadership is about making sure that everybody has the opportunities and resources to realize their dreams."

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