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Registration Opens for 2017 Nollau Institute »

October 17, 2016

Once every four months, Samantha Clevenger meets with a group of fellow leaders from across the country. Cellphones and computers are turned off as participants focus on discussing the challenges and rewards of working for nonprofits and how to become better leaders.


Nollau Institute Opens Registration »

July 30, 2013

CHHSM’s 2013 Nollau Institute is only halfway over, but class member Carol Foltz can’t believe how much she’s been stretched both personally and professionally since joining the program. 


Brenda Crisp »

April 1, 2013

“ A servant leader is one whose heart and ears are open to know the needs of children, parents, caregivers and community leaders and who is willing to take the appropriate risks to meet those needs."


Paul Kuenning »

February 27, 2013

"A servant leader is one who recognizes a world in need and works respectfully, quietly, diligently, faithfully, humbly and perhaps unnoticed, making a perceptible difference in the lives of those around them in the name of Jesus Christ."


Nollau Retreat Inspires 2013 Class »

January 30, 2013

“The first thing I can say about Nollau is wow,” says Nancy Beard, president and CEO of the United Church Homes and Services Foundation in Newton, N.C. Beard is a member of CHHSM’s yearlong leadership formation program, the Nollau Institute, whose 2013 class met for the first time at a Jan. 14-16 retreat in St. Louis.


Legacy Leaders: An Interview with Ken Buckwald »

January 24, 2013

Among his many accomplishments, the Rev. Ken Buckwald has been a builder. Buckwald, president emeritus of The Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, was serving a church in Rochester, N.Y., when he had an opportunity to head west.

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