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Paul Leaves Legacy as Servant Leader »

June 10, 2015

Led by the Rev. Dr. Jerry Paul, the Deaconess Foundation was one of the first organizations to support Back Bay Mission when it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


CHHSM is Now Open and Affirming »

June 9, 2015


Bio for UCC General Minister and President Nominee Rev. John Dorhauer »

May 20, 2015


The Rev. Rod Mundy »

May 15, 2015

 "Being a servant leader is to be open to all and affirm who they are by following Micah's advice to 'act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.'"


RHF Encourages CHHSM Members to Partner For Disaster Relief »

May 14, 2015

On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal causing significant damage and destruction in Kathmandu and surrounding areas.


ONA Covenant Strengthens Communities »

May 12, 2015

John Rainey and Gene Finnegan didn’t worry about discrimination based on their sexual orientation when they moved to Parkvue Community in 1999.