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CHHSM Launches Legacy Fund

CHHSM Launches Legacy Fund

CHHSM Board Chair Peggy Mullan

As CHHSM celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, the organization is taking steps to ensure it continues to develop dynamic leadership for the future.

On Sept. 1, CHHSM launched a five-year campaign to support the Legacy Fund, an initiative designed to expand CHHSM’s leadership formation mission. The goal is to raise $300,000.

The fund will support such programs as the Nollau Institute, whose 18 recently consecrated Diakonal Ministers joined countless others who have been impacted by CHHSM’s mission to form leaders.

“The people who have participated in our leadership programs over the past decade and a half have been the stewards of the vibrant advancement of the health and human service ministry of the United Church of Christ,” says Bryan Sickbert, CHHSM president. “The resources of the Legacy Fund will be crucial to supporting the formation of a new cohort of CHHSM leaders.”

CHHSM supports its stewardship of the future with faith-based continuing education for middle- and senior-level management, governance training, consulting services, and supervised mentoring and internship opportunities for graduate students who are pursuing a vocation in health and human services ministry.

The purpose of the Legacy Fund is to expand CHHSM’s capacity to grow this vital work. It will ensure access to its leadership formation programs regardless of participants’ financial situations. The CHHSM Board of Directors will allocate the resources of the fund to meet the greatest needs and have the most impact.

“It’s imperative that we grow leaders who understand and safeguard the value of our UCC heritage and the leadership principles inherent therein,” says Peggy Mullan, chair of the CHHSM Board of Directors.

Richard Ellerbrake, president emeritus of Deaconess Health System and chairman of the 75th Anniversary Committee, says the purpose of CHHSM’s leadership formation is not merely to equip leaders with technical skills.

“CHHSM’s calling is to plumb the depths of our faith-based reservoir and pull up those nourishing waters that will inspire present and future leaders to persevere in changing and troubled times," Ellerbrake says. "The goal is to do so with the strength that comes from historic roots, birthing strong and effective leaders who can articulate clearly and inspire others to face the future more confidently because they know where they came from, who they are and where they are going in Jesus’ name.”

Thanks in part to early participation from the CHHSM board, staff, the 75th Anniversary Committee and several CHHSM ministries, more than $200,000 has already been raised for the Legacy Fund. A full list of donors is available here.

One-time contributions to the fund can be made online. Individuals and ministries are also invited to make a series of payments over the campaign’s five-year period by filling out a commitment card. Cards can be printed and mailed to Eileen Nagy at CHHSM/UCC, 700 Prospect Ave., #920, Cleveland, Ohio, 44115-1100, or completed electronically and emailed to Those who contribute to the fund prior to Feb. 1, 2013, will be recognized in a commemorative booklet presented at the CHHSM Annual Meeting in March 2013.