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Meeting Highlights

79th Annual Meeting of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries


You don’t want to miss this year’s annual meeting. The information you’ll get from this event is limitless. We’ve planned:


Keynote Speakers

This year we have several opportunities to hear from leaders in the faith-based and health and human service fields.  

Trusting the Holy Spirit's Future For Us: All Ministry Matters

The Rev. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ,  will speak to the important role that CHHSM organizations play in fulfilling the mission of the UCC and discuss ways we can build stronger, more meaningful partnerships across the wider church. He will also offer a breakout session introducing the UCC's new curriculum "White Privilege:Let's Talk" and explore how it might be utilized with impact in your setting.

Developing Your Organization's Brand: A CHHSM Roundtable Discussion

Jim Schnurbusch, President and Founder of OrgStory, a national consulting firm that helps non-profits to maximize their insights, innovation and impact, will discuss rebranding strategies for faith-based organizations, drawing on examples of CHHSM members with which he has worked. This will be a facilitated roundtable discussion to offer several take-aways to help you think through your organization's brand and communication strategies.

Planning for Growth in a Faith-Based Organization

Lisa McCraken, Senior Vice President for Senior Living Research and Development at Ziegler, will discuss smart growth strategies for faith-based organizations.

The need for organizational growth should be a key conversation within not-for-profit organizations, particularly as it relates to mission fulfillment and enhancement. For a number of organizations, this is a widely accepted goal; but for others, the need to grow beyond current levels of scope and sophistication can be a source of debate. This session will cover key items related to growth management among faith-based healthcare and human service providers including governance considerations, growth drivers, capital planning, and change management. 


Leadership Workshops

This year will once again be learning from the participants of the 2016-2017 class of the Nollau Leadership Institute:

Lead With Your Values, Live Your Mission

Is your faith-based organization values-central? A health and human service ministry’s well-articulated, well-integrated values are the most faithful way of remaining true to a faith-based Christian heritage and mission. Together, we’ll explore the “NOLLAU Values Test,” which prescribes the six steps crucial to embodying faithful Christian ministry in a multi-cultural, pluralistic, interfaith society.  

Servant Leadership: It’s a Calling, NOT a paycheck

This workshop will look at servant leadership as a tool to improve employee engagement which in turn improves positive outcomes and mission achievement. The focus will be on operationalizing servant leadership into your organization, how to train it and share it from the Board of directors to the front line staff positions. Research regarding the positive impact of servant leadership training and culture on agency effectiveness and employee engagement will be discussed. Additional takeaways and resources will be shared.

Igniting Passion Throughout the Generations

A generationally diverse group panel discussion on how to talk to your employees about their passions. Using examples from various CHHSM members, this workshop will explore the best ways to communicate with your employees to help them be the best members of your team, no matter what generation they belong to.


Affinity Groups

  • CHHSM Chaplains
  • Senior Services
  • Child and Family Services
  • Affordable Housing


Worship and Nollau Consecration Services

Two worship services will be held this year. 

On Thursday, March 2, we will gather at Emanuel UCC in Hales Corners, Wis. (traveling together by bus from the hotel).
Our guest preacher will be the Rev. John C. Dorhauer, UCC General Minister and President.

On Saturday, March 4, we will also gather at the hotel to consecrate CHHSM's newest Diakonal Ministers, the 2016-17 class of the Nollau Leadership Institute.  


Celebrate Wisconsin Dinner

The Wisconsin CHHSM members will be hosting a special dinner to highlight the great ministries in their great state. A casual gathering with local food and brew will be capped off with live music from the band Copper Box. It promises to be a fun evening. This year, the price of the "Celebrate Wisconsin Dinner", will be included in your registration cost. No additional payment will be necessary.


If you have any questions please contact Danielle Bartz