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Meeting Highlights

78th Annual Meeting of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries


You don’t want to miss this year’s annual meeting. The information you’ll get from this event is limitless. We’ve planned:



Join the CHHSM community for two powerful keynote presentations from our partners

"Strategic Planning for Mission Sustainability in Times of Change" by Ms. Amy Hayman

Given the rapidly changing reimbursement environment, strategic planning for health and human service organization is increasingly paramount and complex. The biggest risk that non- profit organizations face is the inability to meet their mission. This session will give an overview of the current market, how population health management has become a key strategy for health and human service organizations and exploring how strategic planning can help navigate the seismic shifts in the industry.

"What Does God Require?" by Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson

What Does the Lord Require? Scripture says three things - to do justice, be compassionate and take God seriously. Let's talk about how to do all three....


Leadership Workshops

Friday afternoon will provide opportunities to hear from the current Nollau Leadership Institute class as they present their final projects on leadership:

Breaking Bread: A Case Study in Social Entrepreneurship 

Breaking Bread is a business concept formulated by the Nollau leadership institute group Earth, Wind, and Fire. The business is designed for residential nonprofit organizations that have specific resources available but it can also be adaptable to other agencies to aid in recouping vital donations and income for their programs.  We will highlight all stages of development of a new social enterprise, provide a sample budget, and explain the marketing techniques needed for the program to be profitable.  Join us for this workshop if you have ever considered adding a social enterprise to your ministry and want to know how to do it best.

Communication in a Diverse World: Making Connections in Unexpected Places

As advances in technology and social media forge new forms of communication, the three main elements of a message are often not present, resulting in unintended conflict. Every organization at some point in time has encountered conflicts or dis-connects related to miscommunication. In these changing times how do we identify if our failure to connect is related to generational or racial differences or being geographically dispersed as we learn to communicate through new technology. If you want to learn how your organization can keep pace with the changing times and respond to the changing demographics join us as we explore the elements of clear communication, the role of active listening and how working through conflict can lead to a positive outcome that can build new and stronger relationships with those we serve.

Riding the Wave in an Ocean of Change

Organizations are in a constant state of flux. Sometimes change comes at us, and we struggle to know how to respond. There are also times when change is necessary and desirable, but if we are not the ones in charge, we are unsure if we can make a difference. This workshop invites participants to “be the change” they wish to see in their workplace. Join us for a lively conversation about teamwork and leadership. Imagine how you can change the culture of your organization through better listening. Find out how you can re-direct even the most negative energy toward the betterment of your organization. Discover how you can ride the tidal wave of change in a new way, and feel more connected to your organization’s mission in the process.


Pre-Conference Event

"Building a Culture of Philanthropy" by Malcolm Nimick

Many people say they want to make business decisions that create more money for mission. Why not say, let’s build a culture of philanthropy that creates more mission for our money?  Join us for a pre-conference seminar focused on building and implementing your organization's philanthropic vision in operations, staffing, and capital decisions.

Changing lives, continuing testament and extravagant welcome are the core values of the UCC and the guiding principles of CHHSM member ministries. Building a culture of philanthropy in our organizations is critical to delivering your mission and providing ministry to those in need.  Join us in this conversation about balancing the various challenges we face so that we have the ability to deliver our mission over the long term.


Affinity Groups

Back by popular demand, the CHHSM Affinity Groups will be gathering again!

  • CHHSM Chaplains
  • Senior Services
  • Child and Family Services
  • Community-Based Ministry


Worship and Nollau Consecration Services

Join us for worship with Communion and the Consecration of the current Nollau Leadership Institute class.


Diakonal Minister's 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

The 78th CHHSM Annual Meeting is the 20th anniversary of CHHSM's leadership development programming.  Come and celebrate with your fellow Diakonal Ministers and the future leaders of CHHSM!


If you have any questions please contact Danielle Bartz