Meeting Highlights



77th Annual Meeting of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

A New Creation: Engaging in the Transformative Process

Transformation, transition, evolution, and change: each of these words carries deep meaning in the faith-based nonprofit world.  Whether they evoke feelings of excitement, trepidation, or confusion, organizations need to be aware of the impact that the process has on their staff, clients, culture and work.  How can we actively engage in the transformative process so it builds on the faith-based, non-profit movement?  How can we foster feeling of empowerment among staff and clients in times of change?  The 2015 Council for Health and Human Service Ministries Annual Meeting will delve into these questions to better equip us all to succeed in the ever-evolving world of faith-based nonprofit ministry.


Join the CHHSM community for two powerful keynoters from the Cleveland area as they share their expertise and experience in leading organizations through transformative change.  Friday morning, Robert Eckardt, Executive Vice President of the Cleveland Foundation will speak about governance practices during times of transition.  Following his address, there will be a panel conversation including Board of Director representatives from three different organizations who will share their experiences of governance and engage in conversation with attendees.  On Saturday, Alexander Pendleton, Chair of the Cleveland Playhouse will share his experience in leading that organization through a major and positive transformative process.  This keynote and subsequent conversation will highlight the universal opportunities for nonprofits of all kinds to grow and change.

Keep checking back for more information on the keynote addresses.


Sacred Conversations

Friday afternoon will provide opportunities for important, transformative, and sacred conversations led by CHHSM members:

  • Continuing Testament: CHHSM and the Church

This Conversation will focus on partnerships, relationships, communications, and shared resources with our UCC Churches, conferences, and national  ministries.  What can you do to strengthen these relationships? What can you do to share resources?  What are you doing to educate church members about your shared mission through your services .  How do you make sure your mission and your churches both gain from the relationship.  If you do not have a relationship, where do you start?  We want you  to go back to your organization with new tools and ideas you can use to strengthen the bond for continuing to change lives together.

  • Extravagant Welcome: Open and Affirming in the CHHSM World

To be Open and Affirming (ONA) in the UCC, an intentional commitment affirmed by the General Synod in 1985, is to welcome and affirm into the life and leadership of our churches persons from the LGBTQ communities.  As marriage equality becomes legal in more and more states, as transgendered people come out publicly, as younger persons develop even greater nuanced understanding of being “gender queer” or “fluent,” what are some of the implications for health and human service institutions that serve retiree, youth at risk, children, and adults who may self-identify as LGBTQ?  How is an extravagant welcome extended?

  • Changing Lives: Racial Equality

Details forthcoming


Conversation Circles

A lot will be covered during the 77th CHHSM Annual Meeting, but what will it all mean for you?  How can you take what you learned and experienced back to your organization?  How do you keep the conversation going?  On Saturday morning there will be an opportunity to join in informal conversations with other attendees to work out why it all matters.  Were you struck by the sacred conversation on the Open and Affirming process in the United Church of Christ?  You can join others to work out what you can do next in your organization.  The CHHSM chaplains in attendance will also be able to gather at this time.  See the schedule for the other conversation circles that will be offered.



There will be two opportunities to gather in worship.  Our Annual Meeting will officially begin on Thursday afternoon with a small opening worship service as we set the stage for our time together.  On Saturday afternoon we will travel to the United Church of Christ Church House to worship in the Amistad Chapel.  This worship service will be the Installation service for CHHSM's new President and CEO Michael Readinger.  We will be joined by UCC and CHHSM leaders to officially welcome Mike into his new role.


Retirement Celebration for Bryan Sickbert

Friday evening, traditionally the open night during our Annual Meeting, will afford the opportunity to join to celebrate the ministry of Bryan Sickbert's 23 years of ministry as leader of CHHSM.  The dinner and program is being organized by those who have known Bryan well throughout his career.  The evening promises to be filled with great memories.  This will be a separate ticketed event, not included in the registration cost.  



If you have any questions please contact Danielle Bartz